4. Preferences file options

Some controlling variables that are not easily specified on the command line are stored as "user preferences". This means, that the settings controlled by the variables below remain persistent between different invocations of the SLO tool. Furthermore, these options can be altered by the command line options --read-preferences. The easiest way to change the options, if they are not settable from some of the menu's in SLO, or from another command line option, is to first run SLO with the --store-preferences command line option. This dumps all options to an XML-file. Then, change the value of the variables that you want to change. Subsequently, run SLO again with --read-preferences, so that the preferences are read from the altered XML file. This will result in the preferences read to become persistent for all following runs of SLO, until you specifically change these preferences again. An overview of preference variables is shown in Table 3.2, “Overview of preference variables”.


Most of the options below should become changeable from menu options or from the command line in future versions of SLO. Currently, most of them are only settable through the --read-preferences option since this can be implemented more quickly than adding menu options. When it is determined that the controlling variables are truely useful, they will somehow be settable from menu options are command line options.

Table 3.2. Overview of preference variables

Preference variableMeaning
CacheSizesValueMarkerStrokeThicknessSpecifies the thickness of cache size markers in the reuse distance histogram, when the cache sizes are indicated by lines, see screenshot Figure 3.2, “Screenshot of two possible indications of cache sizes in the reuse distance histogram: by interval and by borders”. The thickness is indicated in number of pixels.
DisplayHistogramVSReuseDistanceChartTitleBoolean value, controlling whether the title in the reuse distance histogram window should be displayed. When set to true, the title displays the name of the .slo.zip file and the distance metric (reuse distance or reference distance)
OptimizationsVsReuseDistancesPlotNrSeriesVisibleInLegendcontrols the maximum number of series drawn in the reuse distance histogram. Also see command line option --max-nr-series-drawn
HTMLOverallHistogramWidthcontrols the width (in number of pixels) of the histograms generated in the HTML output. Also see command line option --dump-to-html
HTMLOverallHistogramHeightcontrols the height (in number of pixels) of the histograms generated in the HTML output. Also see command line option --dump-to-html